Charly Boy Makes Shocking Revelation About His Late Mother

Charly Boy Makes Shocking Revelation About His Late Mother
The late Madam Oputa and her son, Charly Boy

Charly Boy lost his aged mother recently and opening up about her life and his relationship with her, the ‘Area Fada’ revealed that she was a witch before she died.

Madam Oputa breathed her last at the ripe age of 101 and her son Charly Boy said he was mad and upset when news of his mum’s passing reached him.

The controversial musician said he had repeatedly told his mother that she had to keep living so she could continue providing him with ‘ammunition’ for the things he was fighting. He said his wish was for his mother to die in his arms.

Charly Boy Makes Shocking Revelation About His Late Mother

When asked to share some of the best moments he had with her, Charly Boy said she was a witch (a good one), hinting that through intuition, she had known things that would happen before they did.

You can’t be the mother to Charly Boy who stayed in the womb for 11 months and you were able to turn him into a man without being a Madonna. So, when I say my mother is a witch, this is what I mean. And she loved publicity even at the age of 101; nobody liked publicity more than my mum. Mum was a drama queen. Sometimes, she came to watch me gym after which she sat down and talked, and we yabbed ourselves.

I noticed mum liked me doing videos and posting. She always asked ‘have you posted that thing? Bring it, let me see. Where are the comments?’ She wanted to read and that blew her mind! I read her the comments and she would then run her own commentary. I was just looking for things to make her happy till the end. It was the same with my dad. I had to make restitution to my dad for the things I did to him between age one and 30.

At a point, it got so bad mum was trying to take me for deliverance. But mum was the first to have hope in where I was going, and I remember dad would say ‘oh, you are the one spoiling this boy.’ And mom would say ‘no, this is not an Army Barracks.’ Because of me, there was always a quarrel between mum and dad.

Mom was always about showing love and doing good (to people). It was always about looking out for everybody. Everybody has the ‘ying and the yang’, the good and the bad but she would tell me, ‘don’t dwell too much on the dark side. Concentrate on the good side and see how you can help them’. Mum loved humanity. It was after she died that the magnitude of it all struck me.

Now, I understand why mum was always broke. It was because she was giving everything she had out. She said if you can identify an ounce of good in anybody; magnify it. Mum was a woman who knew when the gateman had headache, and when he was worried. My entire staff mum knew by name and had personal rapport with. She was from the Onomonu family and her sister was the richest in Oguta back in the day. Her family has massive love for humanity; it is who they are. I have heard many incredible stories and that makes me proud of my heritage, pedigree and where I am coming from. I know the tree I fell from, I am not on the same level with a lot of people.

Charly Boy –

The late Madam Oputa will be buried on the 28th of December, 2019.

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