I Was Not A Favorite In The Group – Former Destiny’s Child Member

I Was Not A Favorite In The Group – Former Destiny’s Child Member
Michelle Williams

The name Michelle Williams may no longer ring a bell but back in the days of the now-defunct group called Destiny’s Child, she was a well-known face in the global music community, and now she has revealed that it wasn’t all rosy for her as a member of the group.

The singer and actress has opened up about her struggles with insecurity and depression, saying that as a member of Destiny’s Child, she was not a founding member and therefore was never a favorite.

Williams stated that her insecurity began 20 years ago and just built up because she felt like she was never going to be able to please everyone.

I Was Not A Favorite In The Group – Former Destiny’s Child Member
From left: Kelly Rowland, Beyonce Knowles, and Michelle Williams as members of Destiny’s Child

The singer also pointed out that the social media was a place where she had encountered mean people, even as she tries not to let that fact get in the way of relating with the good ones.

Of course, I come into a group that already existed, it’s not like I’m a founding member, so it’s kind of like I’ve already got an “X” on my back. That insecurity started 20 years ago if I’m honest. And it just builds and builds because I feel like I’m never going to be able to please anybody. Until you can get to a place where you’re like, “The people that are for me are for me, they buy my music, they support the shows that I do,” it might take you a while to get to that point.

Sometimes, social media… it’s bad when you read the comments. I like engaging with people on social media. I don’t want to not talk to the people that are being gracious all because there are some mean ones out there. But sometimes before you get to the nice ones you have to get through a couple mean ones. Apparently, I don’t have the most commercially appealing voice or whatever. People have their favorites, but vocally I was not a favorite in the group, and that stuck with me.Michelle Williams – celebrityinsider.org

I Was Not A Favorite In The Group – Former Destiny’s Child Member

Tenitra Michelle Williams is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer who rose to fame as part of the R&B girl group Destiny’s Child in the 2000s. She has had a successful Broadway career, getting a Best Lead Female nomination in 2008.

She has also received several awards and accolades, including a Grammy and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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