In Celebrating His 2 Million Instagram Followers, Hushpuppi Has This To Say.


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Ray Hushpuppi a Dubai based big boy, has expressed excitement as he celebrates reaching 2 million followers on Instagram where he flaunts his luxurious lifestyle.

He joined Instagram in the year 2016 and said it took him good 6 years to get 1 followers who joined him on Instagram and now with his popularity in place, his able to reach 2million followers in just 365 days.

He wrote: in the year 2012, I signed up on this app called Instagram, I liked it because I could  showcase myself here to the beyond where I am, with that I started meeting a lot of great people and some not very great people lol through the years, I have had my ups and downs on this app too, I was able to share celebratory moments with you all and sometimes I have experienced some not very nice times here too in front of you all but hey, that’s what makes up for a great experience, good and also bad.

just last year around this time, I was able to hit a million followers here which took me 6 years. climbing up-down, back and forth, it’s my honor to share with you all that it took just 365 days there about to hit another million followers as I hit 2 million followers today, a great day of the great country where I reside (Happy National Day UAE %Post Title photo)


Two things this day means to me;

it means no matter how hard the startup takes, it gets easier as u go through it and secondly and most importantly, the love from you all from all over the who gather here today to follow me for various reasons, I say a big thank you to you all, I love you all from my heart and I just wanted to let you know I wouldn’t be who I am today without the love you all show to me.

Congratulations to all of us on hitting 2million followers.

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