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‘The Falcon & The Winter Soldier’: Bucky’s Costume Revealed

Bucky Barnes' character arc will be further explored in the new series
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Concept art for Bucky Barnes in the upcoming series
Concept art for Bucky Barnes in the upcoming series

Fans have been offered a first look at ’s Bucky character’s costume in a new image.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is Marvel’s first series for Disney + and Falcon () will join forces with the Winter Soldier () to continue the never-ending fight against the bad guys.

The two characters first fought side by side in Captain America: Civil War when they found themselves trying to fend off Tony Stark/Ironman and the others in the eye-catching airport scene.

It was an epic confrontation that saw Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes engage Spider-Man () in a futile fight. The web-slinging hero gave them both a run for their money as he easily bested the duo.

Concept art for the Falcon
Concept art for the Falcon

Fans will be eager to see the continuation of Bucky’s story in the upcoming series especially since his best friend Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is now officially off duty.

Ever since it was proven that he had nothing to do with the catastrophic explosion that led to T’Challa’s father’s death, Bucky has tried to do what is good, contributing his part in the earth-shaking war with Thanos.

The Poster for the upcoming series

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will reveal how Bucky is faring and how his adjustment to a whole new world is either making him better or worse.

The new image which was shared on Twitter shows Bucky with a modified prosthetic arm. It is assumed that is still vibranium and has the trademark of its Wakandan heritage. See the picture below.

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