‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Maxwell Lord Character Details Revealed

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Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord
Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord

Wonder Woman 1984 is still months away from its release date but fans can chew on details of the movie’s big bad villain that have just surfaced.

A superhero movie is defined by its conflict, and conflict most times arises from the antagonist. In the case of the upcoming sequel to Wonder Woman, that conflict comes in the form of two villains – Cheetah and Maxwell Lord.

A lot of people would agree that the character of Maxwell Lord (played by The Mandalorian lead actor Pedro Pascal) is shrouded in mystery and the trailer only teases fans about the shadow he casts throughout the length of the film.

We all know that Maxwell Lord is a business mogul who hides under the front of giving people their heart desires, making him seem like a good guy. But he will show his true self before the end of the movie.

Steve Trevor's return is linked to Maxwell Lord
Steve Trevor’s return is linked to Maxwell Lord

Odu News has learned that the villain is actually the one behind the miraculous resurrection of Steve Trevor (). Now, this is a juicy piece of news that fans will have fun pondering on.

That Maxwell Lord can bring back the dead (albeit through a powerful machine) shows just how powerful his character is. This is not something to be brushed aside as the very act could have a massive impact on the plot of the movie.

It is assumed that Lord is up to no good so why on earth would he bring back Steve from the dead? That is the billion-dollar question that will be answered when Wonder Woman 1984 is released.

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