‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Steve Trevor’s Return Is For Real – Patty Jenkins

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Chris Pine as Steve Trevor
as Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins has assured fans that the return of Steve Trevor in the film is not a gimmick.

The trailer for the upcoming movie is filled with memorable moments ranging from the heroine dishing it out to the baddies in spectacular fashion to her reunion with Steve Trevor, and her friendship with the character that would go on to be a formidable foe.

A lot of fans may be skeptical of Steve Trevor’s return from the grave as his demise was clearly shown in the first movie. The question is; how is it that he is alive and well? What brought him back?

Diane reacts to seeing Steve for the first time after his death
reacts to seeing Steve for the first time after his death
Director Patty Jenkins with Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot
Director Patty Jenkins with Wonder Woman actress

Well, fans need to worry no longer as Jenkins has clarified that the character is indeed back and that he wasn’t included in the movie just for the sake of it. He has an important part to play.

I can’t tell you [how he is alive], but here’s what I will say: We didn’t put Steve Trevor in this movie because we just wanted to put Steve Trevor in this movie. When we thought of the story for this film while we were making the first film, a Eureka moment came and it couldn’t have been told without playing Steve Trevor.

So I promise you, it’s not a gimmick. It’s integral to the story. It’s incredibly important that we had him, and we just super enjoyed it. It was great having Chris back, but it’s also important to the story that I can’t wait for you to see.Patty Jenkins –

It’s good to know that Steve is really back in action and we will all see how his return plays into the plot of when it is released next year.

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