Disney’s ‘Short Circuit’ Trailer Will Leave You Breathless

SHORT CIRCUIT is a series of short films by different directors.
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Short Circuit

has released the trailer for their experimental short film series titled Short Circuit and it combines the best moments of the wonderfully fantastical stories.

Showcasing vibrant colors in different animation styles, the short film series is created to highlight the talents of new animators, artists, and storytellers.

But apart from the talents on display, the clip also shows the wonders and awe that Disney is known for as we get glimpses of the magic that has touched the lives of millions.

Below is a short detail of the plot synopsis for each of the movies in the series:


Pic 1

It explores what it really means to create a home and the life that it shelters within its walls. It is directed by Jeff Gipson.


Pic 1

A commuter who misses his bus is drawn into a world of the unexpected when the surrounding street art takes a life of its own. Kendra Vander Vliet is behind the movie’s direction.


Pic 1

A young girl has a unique experience with a raindrop that falls to earth for the first time and it turns out to be uplifting for both parties. The movie is helmed by Trent Correy.


Elephant in the room

A young boy who shelters an elephant finds out that his new best friend wants to go back to his home in the wild.  Brian Scott directs.


Exchange Student

An earthling outsider must find her place at a new school where her challenging life takes a turn for the worse. Natalie Nourigat is credited as the director.



A little girl is dismayed when her playtime with her pet leads to his wandering deep into a dangerous forest. As seen through the eyes of Mitch Counsell.


Hair Jitsu

A tiny heroine squares off against a villainous hairdresser as she tasks her imagination in the battle to avoid her first haircut. A Brian Estrada film.


Jing Hua

A martial artist remembers her recently departed teacher by creating a world of painting with her kung fu skills. From director Jerry Huynh.


Just a Thought

Ollie, a 12-year-old boy is highly-embarrassed when his feelings for a girl manifests physically in the form of bubbles. Directed by Brian Menz.


Lightning in a bottle

A boy is amazed when his efforts to capture lightning in a bottle during a thunderstorm pays off. But the accomplishment comes with unexpected consequences. Virgilio John Aquino brings the tale to life.


Lucky Toupee

This is a tale that is interwoven with the following: a hijacked hairpiece, a gang of leprechauns, and a growing romance. Female filmmaker Nikki Mull directs.


A boy who discovers that puddles can be used as portals to another world tries to get his sister to share in his discovery. Made by Zach Parrish.


The Race

The main character is named Grim and his scheduled last collection at a bike race turns his world upside-down, making him come to the realization that life is not always about the prize won at the finish line.



When an ethereal stag accidentally creates a black hole that threatens to destroy everything in sight, it must make a decision that will leave a lasting impression. Jennifer Stratton creates the magical tale.

See the trailer for Short Circuit below:

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