Josh2Funny The Rib Cracker!

He plays multiple characters online (most notably the female character Mama Felicia) and is an actor, standup comedian, and performer. His ridiculously hilarious portrayal of the aforementioned woman is perhaps what he is best known for.

For Josh2Funny, life couldn’t be better as he is living his dream of cracking ribs and having a blast in the process. His skits and standup performances are guaranteed to take viewers to the seventh heaven of laughter. These are a few of the reasons OduDiscover is obsessed with the comedy prodigy.

Josh2Funny The Rib Cracker!
Josh2Funny is a one-man comedy army

The graduate of Computer Science from the Federal Science and Technical College, Yaba studied Photography for about two years and honed his acting skills in a school of Performance Arts in Ikoyi, Lagos.


Chibuike Josh Alfred (a.k.a. Josh2Funny) started out doing a bit of comedy back in secondary school. As a part of the Literary and Debating Society, he told jokes at the special events they held.

The jokes he told at the events were about things he had read in the newspaper and at that point in time, he didn’t know he could venture into comedy as a business (he just took as a hobby).

Josh2Funny The Rib Cracker!

As time went on, people started telling the young man that he would make a good comedian and he decided to give it a try, beginning in churches and social events.


Josh2Funny became an internet sensation when he participated in a joke with Longman, another comedian. In the act, the performer played his colleague’s mother and when provoked slaps his onscreen son, leading to the latter spinning and singing the popular Christian chorus ‘I Can See Everything Turning Around For My Good’.


Josh2Funny has stated that part of the inspiration he gets for his comic performances stem from the fact that he is an Igbo guy and he is aware of how people from his tribe tend to ‘turn songs upside down’

The performer often uses a heavy eastern accent in the depiction of the character of Mama Felicia and brings the Igbo melody in the songs he sings.

Josh2Funny The Rib Cracker!


Contrary to what a lot of people think, JoshFunny doesn’t dress like a woman. He only dons female attires to play the female characters he portrays (which is inspired by the typical Igbo woman).

He says the reason for the female depiction is to make his jokes more hilarious as people relate to them better.


As the Igbo woman named Mama Felicia, Josh2Funny transports viewers into the world of limitless laughter as she interacts with his neighbor.

The funny voice effects and the faster frames per second employed in the comedy skits are trademarks of the unique way in which the comedian packages his work.

It’s hard not to constantly imagine Josh2Funny in his Mama Felicia outfit as the character is both remarkable and unforgettable.

Josh2Funny The Rib Cracker!
Josh2Funny as Mama Felicia


Because he dresses like a woman and gestures like them in his skits, people often assume that he is gay. He refutes such claims while letting people know that it’s just a comedy act.

Josh2Funny The Rib Cracker!

Josh2Funny usually uses Tyler Perry as an example, pointing out that just because the black American actor portrays the character of Madea doesn’t mean he is homosexual.


Nothing beats laughing away your worries and at OduDiscover, we recommend a daily dose of Josh2Funny as his comic impressions are the perfect medicine to whatever ails the viewer.

As humans, we will be remembered not for how much we made but for the things we did; how we were able to impart and change lives. Josh2Funny’s legacy of laughter will not be easily forgotten and Mama Felicia will also go down in the history books as the ‘he-she’ whose antics constantly kept us entertained!

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