Lasisi Elenu The Foul-Mouthed Comic!

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His passion is as evident as his full beard and he is one of the most foul-mouthed, angry comedians you will ever see! He is outspoken and he is hot-headed, but we at OduDiscover love him just the way he is! He is Lasisi Elenu, one of Nigeria’s most recognizable online comic acts.

Laisisi Elenu is one of those pushing comic boundaries
Laisisi Elenu is one of those pushing comic boundaries

Lasisi is known for his comic rants in which he is seen complaining about one thing or the other. His 2.5 million followers on Instagram can attest to the fact that he constantly makes them happy.

The comedian and social media influencer uses a Snapchat filter to make his face look almost unrecognizably comical and that has become his most distinguishing trait.

The true name of the comedian is something that is a topic of dispute as some would tell you he was named Nosa Afolabi at birth, while others claim he goes by the name of Adeyemi.


What matters to us at OduDiscover is what we know him as; Lasisi Elenu. He has showed us that he knows how to tickle our fancy, and we cherish him the more for it!

Lasisi graduated from the University of Ilorin where he bagged a degree in Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering. Aside from being a comedian, he is also a singer and rapper (he has stated that he is a fan of American rapper Rick Ross).

Ever since he discovered the comedian in him, Lasisi has not looked back. He was involved in music and songwriting before sharing his first comedy skit on August 11, 2017.


The ranting comedian
The ranting comedian

Mostly opening his skits with the line, ‘Hello everyone, Lasisi is here and something just happened right now’, Lasisi delivers his unusual style of hilarious acts, often venting his anger on someone or something who has offended him.

Sometimes, the bearded performer picks on the unseen fictional character of ‘Bra Segun’, and slams him with a barrage of harsh words.

In the process of giving his delivery, the foul-mouthed comic gets emotional, shedding tears to buttress his point. The fact is, fans love what Lasisi is selling and they buy it wholeheartedly.

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