Beyoncé’s Mum Posts Baby Photos Of Herself & Her Daughter & They’re Practically Twins

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Beyoncé may not share an uncanny resemblance with her mother now but as babies, they were practically the same.

Beyoncé and her mother Tina Knowles
Beyoncé and her mother

took to her Instagram account to post never-before-seen photos of herself and her famous daughter as babies, and they could easily pass for the same baby!

Aside from the obvious fact that they both look so much alike, they’re wearing very similar outfits, and even the locks of hair on their foreheads are almost the same!

Not many mothers can boast of sharing almost identical features with their daughters during infancy, but Beyoncé‘s mum is definitely among the few.

Mother and daughter
Mother and daughter

The only thing that makes the viewer know who is who between the two photographs is the black and white factor which comes with the older woman’s.

A follower made the following comment: “Wow! It looks like the same baby on 2 different occasions. I hope that when I have my first daughter she would be twinning me too! This is so cute!!!

Check out the post below:

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