Blumhouse Developing Epidemic Movie With Supernatural Roots

The film is based on a publication written by Daniel Hernandez.
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Blumhouse is working on Our Lady of Tears, a movie about an epidemic that spread through an all-girls school.

Issa Lopez has been chosen to direct the movie
Issa Lopez has been chosen to direct the movie

Blumhouse is known for helming horror movies like Get Out, Truth Or Dare, amongst others. Our Lady of Tears is based on a recent article about a mass hysteria brought on by the epidemic.

The production company has tapped Issa Lopez (Tigers Are Not Afraid) to write and direct the film based on an adaptation of a story published by Epic Magazine and Vox, and written by Daniel Hernandez.

The outbreak may have had supernatural roots and it occurred at a Catholic school on the outskirts of Mexico City, afflicting a group of young women with impoverished backgrounds.

Speaking on the project, Lopez made the following statement:

The moment I read the Epic article, I knew I wanted to tell this story. I myself attended a Catholic school in Mexico City. I grew up on a steady diet of supernatural visitations and miracles, and of the real-life horrors that young girls who grow up in poverty face every day in Mexico, and around the world. Having the chance to tell that story with Jason and his team, producers of such socially incisive genre classics like Get Out, and of so many true horror gems, is a huge privilege. I couldn’t be more excited about this movie”

Our Lady of Tears will be produced by Blumhouse creator Jason Blum, with Epic’s Joshua Davis and Arthur Spector. Blum is equally excited about the production, saying:

The Blumhouse team was enthralled by the original article and Daniel’s deep reporting around such a terrifying and heartbreaking story. Ever since I first watched ‘Tiger’s Are Not Afraid,’ I have wanted to find a project to collaborate on with Issa and I knew this was a perfect fit. I can’t wait for audiences to see her take on this material.”

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