Tosin Akingba The Pencil ‘Artivist’!

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Art is an aesthetic expression of the around us. It is influenced by the senses and is a work of creativity. When an individual’s art goes beyond just aesthetics to lend voice to a particular cause, that person has transcended his or her discipline and is thereby worthy of recognition.

OduDiscover has found someone who is the personification of perfection when it comes to art.

She majors mainly on facial expressions, using her art work to channel her emotions.

Driven, purposeful and immensely talented, she believes so much in skill acquisition and youth empowerment.

Tosin Akingba belongs to a unique breed of artists who are pushing the limits of what they can do
Tosin Akingba belongs to a unique breed of artists who are pushing the limits of what they do

Her name is Tosin Akingba and her work is something that the needs to see as it is both inspiring and carries a voice of its own.

She is a graduate of Mass Communication whose unique skills with the pencil is pushing her steadily into the limelight.


For Tosin Akingba, growing up was quite interesting as her parents showered her with love and affection and also pampered her.

Both parents wanted the best for her and saw to it that she had a good education and upbringing.


Tosin became interested in drawing when she was in kindergarten. It was at a point in her life when she saw drawing as a means to get away from whatever was bothering her.

As someone who was the only child for a long time, loneliness became a steady companion and in order not to get lost in it, she resorted to drawing.

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When she found out what she could do with the pencil as a child, Tosin decided to develop her talent and this took years of painstaking effort and hard work.

She quit her job in 2018 as she had always felt disconnected from everything around her. When she got back into drawing, she felt like her life had a purpose.

As a woman, she has had her share of ups and downs, and experiencing the trauma that came with abuse really affected her while growing up. She struggled with depression and had suicidal thoughts for many years.

When she got to the higher institution, she saw another side of life; young girls getting molested, abused and threatened into engaging in sex for grades.

Tosin herself suffered harassment several times but persevered and was able to pull through, not allowing herself to be bullied, coerced or pressured into doing unspeakable things. She graduated in flying colors.

Her experience in the higher institution left a lasting impression and this influenced her decision to quit her job and embrace her talent.

She decided to be the voice of the voiceless – to use her drawings to speak for those women who are in unfathomable situations.

Tosin determined in her heart that she would be a beacon of hope to those who have been molested, abused and are going through domestic violence; those who are depressed and suicidal.

She decided to use her art to speak for these some because she is a woman and relate to those things.

One of Tosin's masterpieces
One of Tosin’s masterpieces

Her work got her noticed by an organization called Still I Rise, an NGO that empowers the youths, caters for the needy and reaches out to the less privileged in the society.


As is the case with most of the great artists before her, Tosin is inspired by everything around her; her experiences from childhood to the present time.

Her inspiration also comes from things happening in the society, all of which are reflected in her work.


Tosin believes that success is never far away from whoever does not give up.


It’s been quite interesting. I’ve been able to meet people with great minds who see the in a different light, people who are driven to make positive impact in the world“, she said.


She says that drawing be very interesting and challenging at the same time.


She has to work long hours and often times, strains her eyes. But she says it’s worth it as it proves to be an amazing experience when she finally finishes an art piece and beholds her creation.


Tosin says her major accomplishment has been touching lives with her art. In a society where many suffer untold horrors, her work has brought solace to many.

Another drawing by the artist
Another drawing by the artist


Tosin says, “Keep moving forward, never stop, never give up on your talent. Be relentless, be consistent and be hardworking. Don’t let anyone look down on what you do. All you know is to develop it and you will soar.”

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