X Æ A-12: Here Is Why Elon Musk’s Son Can’t Bear That Name

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and his partner, singer , made headlines a few days ago after they announced the name of their newborn son, .

Elon Musk's son's name is causing a social media storm
Elon Musk’s son’s name is causing a social media storm

It sparked a lot of conversation on social media (Twitter specifically), with many wondering why on earth the pair would give their child such a name.

Now, according to New Hip Hop, it’s not even legal for Musk and Grimes to name their child with such a title.

It has been speculated on Instagram and Twitter that the weird name is pronounced ‘Ash Archangel’, following Grimes’ claim that she and Musk were inspired by a beloved aircraft model.

As it turns out, a supervisor at the Department of Public Health Vital Records Office in Los Angeles (where the child was supposedly born) says that it’s against the law to have numbers or symbols in a child’s name.

Grimes and Musk
Grimes and Musk

California law stipulates that only the 26 letters of the English alphabet can be used to name a child as it is likely to avoid confusion in the system.

Neither Musk nor Grimes has commented on the supposed ‘illegal’ name of their son’s name but other social media users have suggested that they may be joking and doing the whole thing for publicity.

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