Meet Polyamorous Couple Who Say Others Are Jealous Of Their Sex Life

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Polyamorous Couple

A throuple have revealed what they get up to in bed – and that people are often “jealous” of their “dream sex life”.

Daniella Masciola, 21, Priscilla Soares, 26, and Steven Bolden, 27, from Connecticut, have been in a polyamorous relationship since May 2020.

Polyamory is when people are in a relationship with more than one person – in this case a trio.

Steven and Priscilla initially started their long-term open relationships in 2019, but then they met Daniella by chance.

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Now, the three lovers are in a “closed poly triad”, meaning they only date each other – and say they’ve never been happier.

Daniella said: “The story of how we met is pretty serendipitous, it’s like we were destined to be together.”

She continued: “Steven and Priscilla came into a store where I used to work to buy shoes for her birthday.

“As she was trying some on, he pulled me aside and told me to come up with an excuse to not let Priscilla get them – because he had already bought them for her in secret.

“So I told her we had run out of matching pairs. A week or two later, he came in and gave me some chocolates as a thank you.

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“I thought Steven was very attractive, but worried that he was a cheater.

“Little did I know, he wasn’t cheating at all.”

After bumping into Steven again, the pair began seeing each other due to their “instant chemistry and within weeks was introduced to Priscilla.

They got along so well that within months all three of them were dating – and, eventually things turned sexual and they had a party.

Steven said it was a “dream come true” and added: “I obviously had sex with both of them from the beginning but we actually didn’t make it a party until a few months in.”

Now, Daniella doesn’t live with Steven and Priscilla, but they all share a bed almost every evening.

Daniella said: “One of the hardest parts of our relationship is our sleeping arrangement.

“Both Priscilla and I like sleeping on the end of the bed.

“So does Steven but of course, it’s ladies first – 99% of the time, he’s squished in the middle.”

But, not everything in their sex life is as you might presume.

Steven said: “We like to keep the focus on the bigger picture and the more important aspects of having a successful relationship, poly or otherwise.

“A big misconception about a throuple is that it’s a sexual free-for-all and that we are basically swingers, which is not what we are at all.

“Picture a traditional happy, healthy relationship – then multiply it by three and you have our relationship.

“Yes, there’s obviously more threesomes than the average person has but for the most part, it’s one-on-one.

“Threesomes every day would just be too much work!”

Steven added: “The hardest thing about our relationship is outside voices.

“Polygamy shouldn’t be this ‘taboo’ thing some people may see it as and we’ve received disgusting messages from people calling the girls ‘stupid, manipulated and lost’.

“Others tell me I’m ‘narcissistic, insecure or even a closet homosexual’.

“I think a lot of hate actually comes from jealousy. Many people are in unhappy relationships and are getting cheated on and lied to.

“People criticise anything, especially things they don’t understand, probably just haven’t been around the block enough yet.”

The trio note that it’s always helpful to have a third set of hands and an extra salary.

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