Barry Keoghan Hopes for a Larger Role as the Joker in The Batman 2

Actor Barry Keoghan, who recently portrayed the iconic Batman villain, the Joker, in the hit film The Batman, is eager to showcase a deeper exploration of his version of the character in the upcoming sequel starring Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight.

Barry Keoghan Hopes for a Larger Role as the Joker in The Batman 2
Barry Keoghan

Actor Barry Keoghan, who recently appeared as the Joker in the hit film The Batman, is hoping for a larger role for the in the upcoming sequel.

In an interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Keoghan spoke about his excitement for the possibility of a return as the Joker in The Batman 2. He stated that he has done extensive research on the and wants to bring a unique and fresh take on the iconic villain to audiences.

The first film in the series opted for a new portrayal of the Joker, different from previous live-action versions such as Joaquin Phoenix’s and Heath Ledger’s. Keoghan plans to use his research to craft a new exploration of the character, while staying true to the comics. This approach fits well with director Matt Reeves’ vision for the universe, which has been praised for its close adherence to the source material while still adding its own twist.

The deleted scene from The Batman also offered a glimpse into the potential relationship between Keoghan’s Joker and Robert Pattinson’s Batman, with the two characters already having a connection established before the events of the film. This angle could be further developed in The Batman 2, and could help differentiate Keoghan’s Joker from previous portrayals. Additionally, the film also hinted at a team-up between the Joker and Riddler, which could make for an exciting dynamic in the sequel.

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