Kie Kie Opens Up About Not Sharing Husband’s Face on Social Media

Popular skit maker and content creator Kie Kie recently opened up about her decision not to share her husband’s face on her social media platforms.

Kie Kie Opens Up About Not Sharing Husband's Face on Social Media

During a conversation with Chude, Kie Kie explained that her Instagram page is primarily dedicated to her business, and since her husband is not a staff member or directly involved in her business, there is no need to feature him prominently.

She further pointed out that her husband is not even on Instagram, so there is no reason to post about him on the platform since he wouldn’t see it. Kie Kie clarified that her intention behind not sharing her husband’s face was not to hide him but rather to maintain a distinction between her personal life and her business.

Addressing her pregnancy, Kie Kie expressed her desire to share the joyous news with her followers, emphasizing that it was a collaborative effort between her and her husband. However, she mentioned that she may not frequently feature him on her social media platforms in the future, except for special occasions like the birth of another child.

Kie Kie also explained her perspective on posting about her husband’s birthday, highlighting that he is not on Instagram, making it unnecessary to publicly wish him a happy birthday on the platform. She humorously conveyed that she can directly wish him in person since he is present in her life and does not require a public declaration.

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