‘I Don’t Like People On Twitter’ – Burna Boy

"Burna Boy's Revelations Expose Common Thread of Eccentricity Among Twitter Users Worldwide"

The renowned Nigerian music sensation Burna Boy recently shared his candid opinions about users of the microblogging platform ‘X,’ formerly known as Twitter, labeling them as “mad.”

'I Don't Like People On Twitter' - Burna Boy
Burna Boy

In an exclusive interview with Kiss FM in London, the self-proclaimed ‘African Giant’ discussed his encounters with Twitter users from various corners of the world.

Burna Boy’s revelation sheds light on his perception of social media dynamics beyond Nigerian borders, highlighting what he believes is a “global phenomenon” of eccentricity among Twitter users.

“I don’t like people on Twitter,” Burna Boy declared during the interview. “I used to think it was just Nigerians on Twitter that were just mad. Then, I now went to Kenya, I saw that it’s the same thing. I went to South Africa, I saw it was the same thing.”

The internationally acclaimed artist didn’t stop at the African continent, as he further revealed his experiences from his travels to the United States. “I went to America. America they have their own group. If you go, you’ll see all of them tagged. You know how Lil Durk has his OTF? Twitter mad people for America, they’ve their own,” he amusingly noted.

Burna Boy’s insights into the Twitterverse hint at the diverse and often unpredictable nature of social media interactions across borders, underscoring the global reach and influence of platforms like ‘X.’ While Burna Boy’s take on Twitter users may be provocative, it undoubtedly raises questions about the impact and role of social media in shaping contemporary global conversations, regardless of one’s geographical location.

As Burna Boy continues to make waves in the music industry, his perspective on the “madness” of Twitter users provides a unique glimpse into the broader implications of social media on our interconnected world.

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