GWR: “I Remain A Record Holder In Spirit And History’ – Hilda Baci Embraces Dethronement

Chef Hilda Baci Sets an Exemplary Standard of Sportsmanship in the Culinary World

In a remarkable display of sportsmanship and grace, renowned Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci, has responded to her recent dethronement as the “longest cooking marathon (individual)” Guinness World Record holder by Irish chef, Alan Fisher.

GWR: "I Remain A Record Holder In Spirit And History' - Hilda Baci Embraces Dethronement
Hilda Baci

Despite relinquishing her title, Baci has emphasized that she remains a record holder “in spirit and in history.”

The Akwa-Ibom-born culinary maestro made this statement in response to curious fans who noticed her removal of the “Guinness World Record holder” designation from her social media bio. Through a post on her social media handle, Baci offered an insightful explanation for the adjustment.

She acknowledged that she modified her bio in a similar manner as her predecessor, Chef Lata, who respectfully updated her profile to reflect Alan Fisher’s newfound glory as the reigning record holder.

Baci went on to express her profound admiration for the exceptional dedication displayed by her successor, Alan Fisher, who embarked on an astonishing cooking marathon lasting 119 hours and 57 minutes. This monumental achievement not only shattered Baci’s previous record but also exceeded it by more than 24 hours.

In her post, Chef Hilda Baci wrote, “Just as Chef Lata respectfully acknowledged the new record holder by updating her bio and later fine-tuning the wording, I’ve adjusted mine too. Achieving such a record is no small feat, and I know this firsthand.

I have only the greatest admiration for the hard work it took for Alan to reach such heights. Sportsmanship is about recognizing progress, whether the accolade is in my bio or not. I remain a record holder in spirit and in history. Let’s celebrate achievement and the spirit of competition.”

Baci’s dignified response to her record being surpassed has garnered widespread praise and admiration from fans, fellow chefs, and the culinary community at large. Her words underscore the values of humility, respect, and recognition of extraordinary achievements, reminding us all of the true spirit of competition.

As the culinary world continues to evolve and produce remarkable talents like Hilda Baci and Alan Fisher, their dedication and sportsmanship serve as an inspiration to chefs and food enthusiasts worldwide, encouraging a culture of excellence and friendly competition.

Chef Baci’s legacy as a Guinness World Record holder, both in her heart and in the annals of history, remains unshaken.

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