Why We Cancelled 264 Nigerians Visa – Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's Strict Immigration Enforcement Highlights Need for Accurate Visa Applications

In a recent development, Saudi Arabia has clarified the reasons behind the deportation of 264 Nigerian nationals from the Saudi Kingdom.

Why We Cancelled 264 Nigerians Visa - Saudi Arabia  On Monday, The Saudi Arabian government canceled the visa of all the 264 passengers airlifted by Nigeria’s major carrier, Air Peace, on arrival at the country from Kano, insisting that they be returned to Nigeria.

However, the Saudi Embassy issued a statement on Wednesday shedding light on the deportation, stating that the passengers failed to meet the entry conditions and requirements mandated by the Kingdom’s rules and regulations.

According to the embassy, the deportees had submitted incorrect information to obtain a category of visa that did not apply to their circumstances, and this discrepancy was discovered upon their arrival in Saudi Arabia.

“The passengers who were denied entry, and subsequently deported to their initial destinations, didn’t fulfill the entry conditions and requirements in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations of the Kingdom,” the statement from the Saudi Embassy read.

The embassy also emphasized the importance of adhering to the proper procedures and laws established by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for all visitors. It urged all passengers to thoroughly review their documents to ensure they conformed to the entry conditions before departing from their home countries to the Kingdom.

“The deportees submitted incorrect information to obtain a category of visa that doesn’t apply to them, which was discovered upon their arrival. The Royal Embassy would like to stress the importance of following the procedures and laws enacted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for all visitors.

“Furthermore, all passengers should review all the documents to determine their conformity with the conditions prior departing from their countries to the Kingdom. This procedure was not limited to Nigerian citizens only, but rather to citizens of other countries.”

The incident has raised concerns about the accuracy and authenticity of visa applications made by travelers to Saudi Arabia. It highlights the need for travelers to provide accurate and truthful information during the visa application process, as any discrepancies can lead to deportation upon arrival.

Saudi authorities have continually stressed the importance of compliance with their immigration rules and regulations, and this recent deportation serves as a reminder to all intending travelers to the Kingdom to ensure that their visa applications are truthful and accurate.

It remains to be seen if there will be further developments in this matter, but for now, the 264 Nigerian nationals deported from Saudi Arabia have returned to their initial destinations, with the Saudi Embassy’s statement serving as a cautionary reminder to travelers worldwide.

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