‘Transformers’: Animated Prequel To Be Directed By ‘Toy Story 4’ Helmer

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and are moving forward with plans for an animated prequel to the blockbuster Transformers films.

With the impact of the pandemic, many movie projects have either been halted or placed in limbo, but an upside to this is the opportunity to make animated flicks (which do not require the physical gathering of the cast and crew).

Deadline reports that Paramount and Hasbro have chosen Toy Story 4 director to helm the animated prequel.

Cooley made his feature directorial debut with the fourth film in the Toy Story franchise, and it won Best Animated Feature at The 92nd Academy Awards.

The Transformers prequel will tale place on Cybertron (the planet of the gigantic shape-shifting bots) and will revolve around the relationship between Optimus Prime and Megatron.

According to Deadline, the film will be separate from the live-action franchise but new installments of Transformers and Bumblebee are still in the works.

The world of the Transformers was first introduced in live-action by director in 2007.

Starring , Bay’s film spawned four sequels (all directed by him) and one spin-off Bumblebee (with in the lead role).

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