Charlize Theron Is An Ageless Warrior In Netflix’s ‘The Old Guard’

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‘s upcoming movie The Old Guard stars as a 6,000 year-old warrior who is battle weary, but gets inspired when she meets the latest immortal.

Charlize Theron leads a team of other immortals in the movie
Charlize Theron leads a team of other immortals in the movie

Vanity Fair has unveiled the first look at the South African actress in newly-released pictures as the lead character, along with some co-stars in what looks to be a major winner for Netflix.

The backstory of Theron’s character on the site reads:

Her name is Andromache of Scythia. She was born thousands of years ago, and has died hundreds of times – only to resurrect and fight again and again and again.

She hides from the world, but fearlessly confronts its darker corners, weaving in and out of history and mythology.

In 425 B.C., she inspired the hero from one of Euripides’ only surviving plays; in the 1860s she was a soldier for the Union in the Civil War, and she is still packing up the club, the sword, the gun for every good fight she can find.

Her name literally means ‘Man-Fighter’ or ‘Battler of men’.

But she goes by ‘Andy’ now.”

Charlize Theron plays the warrior in the film, and it picks up with her character in the present day.

She’s still living off the grid and leading a tactical vigilante team of immortals who take out human traffickers, terrorists and anyone else who preys on the vulnerable and the innocent.

But Andromache is tired, doubtful and hopeless as it seems the world she has been protecting keeps getting worse despite her best efforts.

She’s just about had it with continuing when a young girl named Nile (who is recently bestowed with the gift of immortality) meets the team.

Nile becomes like a much younger sister to Andy, someone who brings back the ancient warrior within her.

As Andy and Nile forge their sisterly bond, the team becomes a target itself as a CIA Operative and historian (played by ) figures out their identity, and along with a Pharma Executive (Harry Potter Dudley actor Harry Melling), go on the hunt to capture the team and harvest whatever it is that gives them their powers.

The Old Guard debuts on Netflix on July 10, 2020. It is directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood.

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