Robert Pattinson Speaks About Being Confused By ‘Tenet’ Plot

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Not everyone can say that they understand ’s complicated movies, not even the actors that partake in such films.

Robert Pattinson co-stars in the upcoming film TENET
co-stars in the upcoming film TENET

Actor Robert Pattinson has disclosed how confused he felt while filming Nolan’s upcoming action thriller Tenet. According to him, it was so serious that he had to go to lead star to clarify his thoughts.

Pattinson’s confusion is the first time thing as movie star Leonardo DiCaprio had revealed that he was left befuddled by the conclusion of Inception, another of Nolan’s psychological thrillers.

In his case, Pattinson says he struggled to understand what his character in Tenet fit into proceedings, seeking help from Washington (who was equally left confused).

Pattinson and John David Washington in TENET
Pattinson and John David Washington in TENET
Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan

Pattinson said:

It’s an incredibly complicated movie, like all of Chris’s movies. I mean, you have to watch them when they’re completely finished and edited three or four times to understand what the true meaning is. When you’re doing them, I mean, there were months at a time where I’m like, ‘Am I?.?.?.?I actually, honestly, have no idea if I’m even vaguely understanding what’s happening.’ And yeah, I would definitely say that to John David.

On the last day, I asked him a question about what was happening in a scene, and it was just so profoundly the wrong take on the character. And it was like, ‘Have you been thinking this the entire time?’?.?.?. There’s definitely a bond in the end in kind of hiding the fact that maybe neither one of us knew exactly what was going on. But then I thought, Ah, but John David actually did know. He had to know what was going on.”

Untangling the seemingly endless webs and plot twists of Tenet will be worth it when the movie is released by Warner Bros. Pictures on July 17, 2020.

Check out the trailer below:

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