EXPOSED: How Tonto Dikeh Tried To Fool Fans With Dubai Conference

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Look closely at this image of Tonto Dikeh, it clearly reflects nobody sitted in there
Look closely at this image of Tonto Dikeh, it clearly reflects nobody sitting in there

Nigerian actress, singer, songwriter has been busted after she shared pictures of herself at the pulpit supposedly speaking to an audience at a conference organized by Modul University Dubai.

Seem in the pictures, it appears to be that the actress was never speaking to any audience and that it was all an “audio conference”.

Taking a good look at the pictures, without zooming in, clearly shows that while the actress was busy at the pulpit delivering a speech, the conference hall had no audience seated in it.

Tonto Dikeh
Tonto Dikeh – Audio Conference

Tonto Dikeh – Audio Conference

Tonto Dikeh – Audio ConferenceBelow is a picture from the event which shows a speaker at the pulpit with the hall fully packed with an audience.

As seen in the picture, the glass behind the man at the pulpit clearly reflects an image of the audience, something not seen in the pictures shared by Tonto Dikeh.

Tonto Dikeh
See Tonto Dikeh at the back sit
See at the back seat

An Instagram blogger @gistmerchant properly described ’s action:

“Tonto attends a conference, hangs around a conference hall after presentation is over, poses on the podium speaking to an empty room with imaginary audience ( picture) using powerpoint presentation of the last speaker, thanks the university for an amazing experience.
Now this is what we call packaging. You wonder how these foundations make their money? They have to package pictures, spin images to seem like what they are not, present all these as evidence to a big funding individual/organisation and get the fundings they need to continue their expensive living. She has been introduced to people in that line of work, now go through her page and start noticing, she posts old charity pictures with disabled, aged etc. Shouting out about 10000 smiles for kids in Nigeria. I tell you they have found a mugu and now packaging the thing for him. Snapping pics with foreigners, making it seem like a deal is being closed and finally today unveiled a foundation in her son’s name. All na format. If you know, you know. All these hustle to be able to afford a few fake designer bag and clothes”.

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