The World Is On A Verge Of Anarchy

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A mutually destructive war, characterized by great slaughter, deadly! The ground was already scattered with the and dying, 

While i was clearing my backyard so the small portion would accommodate some visitors as Christmas knocks. I walked towards a bile of stumps, and i saw the only fierce war I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.

I observed two large ants,one is red, and the other much larger, nearly half an inch long, and black, fiercely contending with one another. Having once got hold they never let go, but struggled and wrestled and rolled on the chips incessantly. Looking farther, I was surprised to find that the chips were covered with such combatants, that it was not a prearranged combat between two persons, fought with deadly weapons according to an accepted code of procedure, especially to settle a private quarrel. It was a war between two races of ants, the red always pitted against the black, and many times two red ones to one black.

The division of the fiercely armed army was strategic, they covered all the hills and vales in my backyard. The ground was already scattered with the and dying, both red and black. It was the only battle-field i ever trod while the battle was raging.

A mutually destructive war, characterized by great slaughter, deadly! The red on the one hand, and the black imperialists on the other. On every side, they were engaged in deadly combat, yet without a noise that anyone could hear.
A silent war. yet, the most destructive war I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.

But our own world is on a verge of anarchy, and we can all clearly hear   the  echoes  of civil  war brewing in different regions in the world. Protests are breaking out across the globe. In some countries, heaven might let loose and the inevitable might occur. Brazil, Chile, Lebanon, Ecuador,Iraq, U.K,Hong Kong, Guinea, Algeria, activists have swept to the streets demanding a change in sit-tight governments. Citizens are tired, they are frustrated! but, despite the risk, they have reached a resolution not ever stop until a genuine change is birth.

Youths a clamoring for climate protection, they want a safe environment devoid of pollution, the Amazon was burning and no concrete attention from the world leaders. COP 25, ended in gridlock, no reasonable climate action.

Everyone projects the concept of interest defined by power. We all want something in return. acting in pursuit of our national interests, and struggle for power.

We all sit on a pounding mortal doing nothing, while our world is turning apart.

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