Time Manipulation Takes Center Stage In ‘Tenet’ Trailer

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Thanks to the official trailer, fans now have a second glimpse of what ’s Tenet offers, and it is something unprecedented!

TENET poster
TENET poster

Known for making psychological thrillers, Nolan doesn’t go the normal way when helming his films. It takes those with sharp minds sometimes to keep up with his often confusing plotlines. With Tenet, it’s more of the same.

Starring John David as a man fighting for the survival of the entire , Nolan’s latest offering is even more mind-boggling than his earlier works.

With the character of Robert Pattinson guiding him through his unique journey, the protagonist goes through something that will change him forever; something that sees him making use of what seems to be time manipulation.

John David Washington portrays the protagonist in TENET
John David Washington portrays the protagonist in TENET

One of the highlights of the trailer is a scene where the hero does some shooting practice with a pistol. He is told that he isn’t shooting but catching the bullet. I guess that should tell viewers that the film will be filled with puzzles and that the narrative may be intertwined with many unexpected elements.

If there is one thing that fans can agree on, it’s that Nolan doesn’t disappoint. So, we all are looking forward to a treat when Tenet is released on July 17, 2020.

See the official trailer below:

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