8 easy ways to advertise your business online in Nigeria

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ways to advertise your business
ways to advertise your business

Thinking of better and efficient ways to advertise your business in Nigeria? Here are some eight effective ways to make your service known to potential clients and customers. 

1. Optimize for local search by using Google my Business 

One of the most powerful, effective, and efficient ways to advertise an online business is through Google My Business. Google My Business helps online businesses to organise and update business information to connect with customers through Google maps, direct messaging and customer reviews. It also enables business owners to review and analyse how customers search and connect with an online business. 
It helps to boost business locally search rankings. 

List your business on directory listings 

A relevant but neglected way to advertise a business online is through directory listings.  

Directory business listings make it easy for potential customers to find a business online. It increases business online exposure and helps to increase the number of backlinks which helps to improve business online visibility and helps business to rank higher on SERPs.

Directory listings help businesses to connect with customers faster and gather customer testimonials. 

2. Write a guest post for other blogs 

Writing a guest post offers much greater opportunity than one imagine. A good guest post article allows a business to connect with a blog’s audience, which can turn into new leads for your business.

 A guest post enables a business owner to demonstrate its authority by showing its expertise in a niche. It helps to increase brand credibility and awareness. 

It helps businesses boost their domain authority through external links. 

Post on social media

It is no more news that social media is now the biggest outlet for brand marketing, growing brand’s reach, and generating potential leads for both online and offline businesses. 

Over the years, social media networks are now the first platform to find out more information about a brand. 

Posting on social media also helps build customers loyalty, build brand authority, retain customers interest, and broadens a business reach. If you have not been leveraging on the power of social media, you have missed a lot. 

Social media has become a game-changer in advertising for business. 

3. Use quality images on your contents. 

According to PR Newswire, an advertisement with images is 75 per cent effective than adverts without images. 

When consumers or buyers are looking for products or information online, a lot of them get bored with a long wall of text without visuals. 

Images are storytellers, a quality, well-placed image manipulates readers emotions. Over the years, quality images are one of the most effective tools for advertising. Customers can read images and in a split of seconds, decide whether or not the rest of the content is relevant to them. 

4. Satisfy customers and encourage them to give an online review of your product or service 

As of 2017, customers read, an average of five reviews before trusting a business. 

Recent statistics show that the majority of online buyers use a review to determine what products to buy and which services to purchase. 

Apart from trusting a business, online reviews of products and services are one of the effective forms of advertising. 

5. Some other importance of online review of a product is:

Reviews help SEO 

It helps connect with your customers

Reviews build a business credibility

6. Create mind-blowing videos 

Recent research conducted by Social Media Today shows that 90% of consumers claim a video helps them make a purchasing decision. 

While video marketing is convenient and efficient for consumers, video marketing provides marketers with an attractive, versatile, and extremely shareable medium to reach audiences. 

A video of a product or service is an engaging content format that gives consumers a real-life picture of what is going on, it is also an effective form of advertising as it is easy to share across multiple platforms. 

7. Some advantages of advertising through video is : 

  • It is a powerful way of starting a conversation 
  • It helps to seduce Google web crawlers 
  • It is a smart way to win the attention of Buyers. 
  • It has a very high rate of social shares 

It is one of the most efficient ways of advertising According to Hubspot, here is the ideal video length of video for social media platforms 

  • Facebook: 1 minute 
  • Youtube: 2minutes 
  • Instagram: 30 seconds 
  • Twitter: 45 seconds 

8. Do giveaway or contest 

Who does not like free stuff? I guess everyone does. According to a recent article published by, organizing a giveaway or contest of your product allow people to see your brand, associate, and recognize your brand. It allows people to be more aware of business brands and initiate better results in sales. 

The majority of people who receive giveaways are more likely to have a favourable impression of the company that gave them. Hence, the business has a beneficial branding message by simply giving away some free products. 

We can do advertising and promotion for you!

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