George Floyd Protests: Actress Keke Palmer Passionately Addresses National Guard [VIDEO]

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U.S. actress and singer is on Twitter and it’s for the right reason.

Keke Palmer appeals to the National Guard to join the protest march
Keke Palmer appeals to the National Guard to join the protest march

The Hustlers star was seen in a video passionately addressing the soldiers in the National Guard during a protest in Los Angeles.

In the footage, Palmer addresses ’s controversial recent tweet where he said the words, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

The actress was among the protesters who took to the streets to show their disdain for the recent killing of and police brutality towards blacks.

Speaking to the security operatives of the National Guard, Palmer said, “You have a president that is talking about the second amendment as a use for people to use firearms against the people that are protesting.


President Trump’s tweet had been flagged by Twitter as inciting violence, and Palmer speaking further added:

Responding, a guardsman says he would be willing to march from one intersection to another, but no further as he has nearby businesses to protect. At the behest of another protester, the guardsmen kneel. This clearly isn’t enough for Palmer who expresses disappointment.

It is good to see notable personalities like Palmer using their positions to fight for what they believe in as Floyd’s gruesome murder at the hands of a white cop shows just how risky it is to be a black person in the United States.


See the video below:

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