Tom Cruise’s Crazy Mid-Air Stunt For ‘Mission Impossible 7’ & Trailer Analysis Of ‘The Batman’ And ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

Movie news roundup: Tom Cruise jumps off a motorbike in mid-air during shooting for ‘Mission Impossible 7’, breakdown of the trailers for ‘The Batman’ and ‘Wonder Woman 1984’.
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Actor is a real-life daredevil…

Tom Cruise photographed performing a stunt on the set of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 7
Tom Cruise photographed performing a stunt on the set of

Known for performing his own stunts, the veteran actor seems to have little regard for his life as he frequently puts himself in harm’s way to give fans the best when making his films.

As filming for the seventh installment in the Mission Impossible franchise is currently underway, images of the movie star performing a motorbike stunt have been shared online.

Cruise and members of the supporting cast in the sixth MISSION IMPOSSIBLE film
Cruise and members of the supporting cast in the sixth MISSION IMPOSSIBLE film

In the pictures seen on Twitter, Tom Cruise leaps off a motorbike in mid-air (with a string attached to his body of course).

Plot details are being kept under wraps but we do know that Cruise is joined by returning co-stars , Rebecca Ferguson, and .

is vengeance personified in the first trailer for DC’s

Robert Pattinson in THE BATMAN
Robert Pattinson in THE BATMAN

Thanks to the DC Fandome event over the weekend, movie fans have gotten a glimpse of what is to come in Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman.

Opening ominously with an assailant wrapping an unconscious victim’s face with a tape that reads ‘No more lies’, the clip sees the beginnings of the Caped Crusader (Robert Pattinson) as he takes on The Riddler.

Information reveals that the film’s events are set two years into Bruce Wayne’s journey as Batman. We also see his alliance with Police Commissioner Gordon ().

THE BATMAN movie logo
THE BATMAN movie logo

First off, let me say that Pattinson looks great in the Batsuit (a different design from what we saw in the last movie with the character). He gives a vicious beating to one of many hoodlums who dares to engage him in a physical confrontation, saying the words, “I am vengeance”. Nothing speaks more about what he stands for in the movie. The moment had me geeking out.

Then there is Batman’s encounter with Catwoman (). From the look of things, she fights him but he holds back. I assume they will become a team in the course of the film. While it isn’t much to go on, it looks like casting Kravitz in the role was the right choice as her pose and demeanor are perfect.

I can’t wait for the arrival of the movie as the trailer got me pumped up. I sure hope we see something unique and entertaining next year when The Batman is released.

See the trailer below:

Diana fights a wiry and dangerous Cheetah in the latest trailer for

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
as Wonder Woman

This world is not yet ready for all that you will do,” are some of the words that open the video clip showing the infant princess of Themyscira partaking in her homeland’s Olympics.

In perhaps its most awe-inspiring moment, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman rides bolts of lightning with her lasso; a spectacular display of her superhuman status.

From Steve Trevor’s return to Barbara Minerva’s metamorphosis into the fearsome Cheetah character, ’ commendable job is pretty evident in the new footage.

A shot from the new trailer
A shot from the new trailer

Minerva’s dream of being “the Apex Predator” becomes a reality as she clashes with Diana in what looks like the interior of the White House and then in a night scene where the two behemoths go toe to toe yet again.

Words can’t describe how I felt watching the trailer. I bet that what we saw in Wonder Woman will be considered inferior when its sequel arrives.

Check out the latest trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 below:

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