‘Dune’ First Footage Drops Ahead Of Trailer’s Arrival, A Major Battle In Season 2 Of ‘The Mandalorian’ & ‘Rebecca’ Trailer

Movie and TV news roundup: The first footage for ‘Dune’ prepares us for the trailer’s arrival, Moff Gideon and The Mandalorian to fight each other in the second season of the Disney + series, and Netflix debuts first trailer for romance thriller ‘Rebecca’.
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The trailer for the much-anticipated Dune is almost upon us…

A scene from DUNE
A scene from DUNE

Movie fans have their first official look at new footage from the upcoming sci-fi from Denis Villeneuve’s interpretation of Frank Herbert’s book.

The trailer is expected to arrive today, September 9, 2020, and Warner Bros has given us something to hold onto in the meantime.

A teaser that has made its way online shows us brief glimpses of the main cast members as a voiceover says some words.

See the tease below:

Pedro Pascal’s The Mandalorian to have a one on one fight with Giancarlo Esposito’s Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian season 2…

The Mandalorian

We are weeks away from the premiere of the second season of the show set in the of Star Wars, and to whet our appetites, one of its stars has confirmed something that fans will no doubt have suspected.

One of the antagonists that stood out in the firsts season of The Mandalorian is the character known as Moff Gideon. He and the titular hero came close to having a fight in the final moments of the first season. That battle will now take place in the forthcoming second season.

The Mandalorian

In a new interview with EW, Moff Gideon Giancarlo Esposito had this to say about the confrontation between the two men:

“I’ll be going toe-to-toe with Mando. It’s an iconic battle. I want to disarm him mentally as well. Who knows? Maybe there’s an opportunity to get him to fight some battles for me. You may think I’m a villain, but I’m trying to harness some energy and some powers for a path that could be best for all. You’ll get to see him be somewhat diplomatic and more of a manipulator.”

A concerned wife is determined to unravel her husband’s mysterious past in the trailer for Rebecca

Rebecca movie poster

Directed by Ben Wheatley and starring , Armie Hammer, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Tom Goodman-Hill, Rebecca focuses on a newly married young woman who finds herself battling the shadow of her husband’s dead wife.

The trailer effectively captures the movie’s pivotal moments; the first time the couple meet, the ensuing romance, and the wife’s quest for the truth.

Watch the trailer below:

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