‘Enola Holmes’ Review: A Witty & Humorous Film With A Talented Lead Actress

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Milly Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill make this fun-filled movie from Netflix worth watching over and over again.

Enola Holmes movie poster

Enola Holmes is based on the first book of the series of the same name by Nancy Springer and stars Stranger Things star Milly Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin, and Helena Bonham Carter.

Brown is Enola, the teenage sister of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes (Cavill), a young girl who is the very opposite of what society expects from a lady.

Brought up by her mother after her brothers Sherlock and Mycroft (Claflin) left home to live their lives, Enola wakes to discover her parent has disappeared without a trace.

The Holmes siblings
The Holmes siblings

Her mother’s disappearance leads to a reunion with her older brothers and it is not the meeting that Enola expects. Mycroft (the eldest) can’t seem to hide his resentment of his little sister’s ways while Sherlock disapproves of the woman she is becoming.

Enola decides to take matters into her hands when Mycroft (who takes her as his ward) takes it upon himself to mold her into the lady that everyone expects her to be, running away from home to find her mother and know the reason for her disappearance.

In her quest, Enola begins to unravel the mystery behind who her mother really is as she recalls the time they spent together, honing her detective skills as she tries to avoid been tracked down by her brothers.

Milly Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes
Milly Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes

I have seen some detective movies and the last one I watched on Sherlock Holmes was the one with Robert Downey Jr. playing the titular character. Here, he isn’t the focus and is forced to acknowledge that he may have met his match in his little sister.

Milly Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes is just a perfect fit. Her talent, commitment, and screen persona make her a joy to watch. At quite a young age, she has shown her versatility as a movie star, completing shedding the role she portrayed in Stranger Things for a totally different one.

Not only does the impress, but she also holds her own against her more experienced co-stars who play her siblings.

A scene from Enola Holmes

Sam Claflin is the unyielding stern-faced brother whom Enola can’t stand. They are polar opposites and he knows she despises him as much as he does her and doesn’t care. All he wants is for her not to shame the family name in any way.

Henry Cavill’s Sherlock Holmes is charismatic and he is enigmatic. I just love the way he carries himself, his speech and mannerisms. He cares for his sister even though he doesn’t like to show it. At a point, he is forced to respect her deductive abilities and intelligence; things she takes from him and their mother. Enola is more drawn to him than Mycroft but their differing opinions always create tension between them.

The major thing that keeps the viewer invested in the plot is the humor that is constant throughout the story. It is a welcome change that shows that these kinds of movies don’t always have to be so serious.

A scene from Enola Holmes

For all its positives, Enola Holmes is without its shortcomings, one of which for me is how easy it was to know the true villain working behind the scene. What I couldn’t quite understand was her motive.

Another thing that didn’t go down well with me is the fact that from the get-go, the heroine wasn’t given an opposition worthy of her. I expected more fight scenes and dangerous encounters in which she would use her wits to save herself.

Lastly, the mystery of her mother; in the end, I was left wondering if she was a good person or a bad person. Maybe that was the intention in the first place. What I do know is that Helena Bonham Carter’s performance didn’t make the impression I was hoping for.

A scene from Enola Holmes

Let me conclude by saying that Milly Bobby Brown rocks as the feisty, brainy and impulsive sister to Henry Cavill’s imposing and wonderfully sleek Sherlock Holmes. I wish Cavill had more scenes but that’s okay as this isn’t his story.

The film’s director Harry Bradbeer has done a good job as this is a film I enjoyed and would recommend to movie lovers. And let me add that I’m looking forward to a sequel as I won’t believe this is the last we shall see of the girl who would rather be who she wants to be than conform to the whims of society.

Rating: 7/10.

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