‘Obidients’, Wake Up To Reality!

The 2023 general election will be one never to forget as a result of the enthusiasm being shown by the supporters of the Labour Party Presidential candidate, Peter, the ‘Obidients’.

'Obidients', Wake Up To Reality!
‘Obidients’, Wake Up To Reality!

Just like an ember of light being ignited, the Obidient movement has now spanned across the sentiments being pushed against the ‘movement’. They have successfully taken over the social media space and have spread across the streets to spread the ‘gospel’ of Peter Obi. The former Anambra state governor must have been shocked by how quick his support base has grown far and wide. He is the beneficiary of the anguish of a tired generation, how he was able to pull this off remains unknown. Is it his poise? The calmness in which he speaks? His tribe? Or perhaps he was able to study the social media space and ‘catch’ the major opinion leaders on the platforms. The reason for these questions is that he has been part of the establishment that has wrecked the nation to its present state. This assertion might not sit well with his vociferous supporters but sadly it is what it is!

Although a result of the English word formation process ‘Clipping’ – “(Peter) Obi” + “Obedience”, very few words can be as apt as the resulting word, Obidient when contextualised to this present period. The tag ‘Obidient’ might not be the best to be called in a country like ours which still battles with spates of dictatorial actions from its leaders. Invoking Fela in his famed track ‘Zombie’, how many of the Obidients have carried out their social media crusade can be equated to the infamous ‘Zombies’. Such traits could be exemplified in the way many of the supporters bash anyone and everyone while also ‘eating their vomits’ as a result of their principal’s ambition. A few examples are the recent controversies surrounding the ‘romance’ between Peter Obi and the former Defence spokesperson, Major General John Enenche (rtd), as well as popular Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmed Gumi.

While Enenche was blasted for tagging alleged pictures of the reported killing of #EndSARS protesters at Lekki Toll Gate, Lagos, as photoshopped, Sheik Gumi has been berated for his role as the chief mediator between the federal government and killer bandits. The two are quite infamous among a cross-section of Nigerian youths on social media. Many of these youths now push for a ‘different’ candidate Peter Obi and want to ‘take back the country. As expected, they have now come to the defence of the duo. That is what politics can do to many. Just as it has always been, the country builds people and neglects institutions, there is always a yearning for a Messiah who would come to correct everything wrong with the country. It happened in 2011, it happened in 2015 and 2023, and we have a candidate who is being placed on an Olympian height again!

Such is politics and that same energy should be channelled to selling the POs candidature to Nigerians. The bitter pill to swallow by many Obidients is that the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress, and the major opposition party the Peoples Democratic Party have a spread that the Labour Party cannot achieve in six months. Let’s start with voter registration, these major political parties mobilise their supporters to register en masse. From the Councillors to the local government officials, the state legislatures down to the federal lawmakers all mobilise their constituents and supporters to get their voters cards. After the elections, they do not just turn their backs on them. Each of these political appointees has movements, groups and sub-groups they form across boards to maintain and grow their followers base. That is how the politics of the country is being played across the geopolitical zones.

The silver lining for the Obidients is that the social media space has allowed it to infiltrate these structures and hijack new members. It is however not Uhuru yet and the leaders of the Labour Party must intensify its effort if it intends to make a statement during the February 2023 Presidential elections.

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