OpenAI Offers Paid Access to ChatGPT for Business Applications

Companies like Instacart, Shopify, and Snap are already using the chatbot in their products.

OpenAI Offers Paid Access to ChatGPT for Business Applications

OpenAI has announced that it will be offering businesses and developers paid access to their popular chatbot, ChatGPT, for use in their own applications and products.

ChatGPT, which was introduced to the public in November, has gained significant attention for its ability to generate text and answer questions. Customers can now integrate their apps with ChatGPT’s application programming interface, which provides them with the same version of the GPT 3.5 model used by OpenAI at a cost 10 times lower than their existing models. Already, companies such as Instacart, Shopify, and Snap are incorporating the API into their products.

While OpenAI’s AI systems, such as and DALL-E, have generated widespread interest, the company is looking for ways to accelerate growth and pay for the massive cloud-computing bills associated with these AI models. In January, OpenAI negotiated an expansion of Microsoft Corp.’s investment in the company, adding a reported $10 billion. Last month, OpenAI started a waitlist for companies and developers who want to use ChatGPT in their own apps and is selling a premium version to individuals.

Acknowledging recent downtimes, OpenAI has made the stability of production use- a top priority. Instacart plans to use to suggest healthy options for kids and offer instructions for making great fish tacos. Shopify will also use the chatbot to recommend products to shoppers. Quizlet, an electronic learning tools company, is building an AI tutoring experience where ChatGPT’s question-and-answer style will be used to replicate the Socratic method.

In addition to ChatGPT, OpenAI also unveiled Whisper, a speech recognition system that can be used for transcription. The company’s partnership with Microsoft and the launch of these new services demonstrate its continued growth and innovation in the AI industry.

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