EXO’s Kai Begins Military Training as Members Bid Farewell

EXO’s Kai officially entered military training center to undergo basic military training before fulfilling his duties as a social worker.

EXO's Kai Begins Military Training as Members Bid Farewell
Kai of EXO

Following the group’s tradition, other EXO members gathered together to accompany Kai and bid him farewell.

The moments of togetherness between the eight EXO members during Kai’s departure were shared live by Park Chanyeol on his personal Instagram account.


EXO's Kai Begins Military Training as Members Bid Farewell

From the several photos posted on @real__pcy Instagram account on Thursday (11/5/2023), various heartwarming moments of the members were captured.

It started with three adorable pictures where Chanyeol carried Kai on his back. The full name Kim Jongin looked like a little brother being carried by his older brother.

Chanyeol also shared a photo of EXO members together, where the other seven members were seen playfully holding a lock of Kai’s military haircut.

In his post, Chanyeol wrote the caption, “Stay safe and return safely.”

Seeing the photos of the members accompanying Kai to the military service undoubtedly touched fans’ hearts, leaving them emotional and wanting to shed tears.

Just recently, they witnessed the members’ togetherness during EXO’s 11th anniversary celebration in April, and now they have to send off one of the members for mandatory military service.

“I’m crying, I can’t even speak. Finally, they gathered, but Kai has to go for military service,” expressed one fan.

“Take care there, Kai, and come back in good health,” added another fan.

“Sehun, don’t smile, it will be your turn soon,” responded another fan.

“Kai, how many buckets of tears did you shed? Your eyes look swollen,” wrote another fan.

“The photos of him being carried are so cute, but instantly make me teary when I remember Kai is leaving for military service,” another fan expressed.

Meanwhile, last week, SM Entertainment announced Kai’s sudden departure for mandatory military service, which surprised fans.

On May 9, 2023, Kai held a free fan meeting with fans before his departure.

Wishing Kai a fulfilling military service.

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