Tolani Baj’s Relationship Standpoint: No Interest in Splitting Bills

Lagos, Nigeria – Tolani Shobajo, popularly known as Tolani Baj, a former contestant on the Big Brother Naija reality show, recently shared her perspective on romantic relationships, stating that she cannot be involved with a man who splits bills with his partner.

Tolani Baj's Relationship Standpoint: No Interest in Splitting Bills

In her video message posted on social media, she emphasized her belief that a man should be responsible for providing all the household’s needs.

Addressing her followers and potential suitors, Tolani Baj made her preferences clear. She expressed that she is only interested in a man who fulfills the role of a provider. While acknowledging the numerous admirers who send her messages, she emphasized that her focus is on finding a partner who can add value to her life.

Tolani Baj stated, “I’m not interested in doing 50/50. I’m doing very well by myself. So, if a man is going to come into my life, you need to add butter to my bread, like my life needs to be even softer. So, if you know that you are not a provider and you are not generous, I’m not interested.”

She went on to assert that having standards and knowing what she wants in a relationship is a matter of personal preference, emphasizing that there is no shame in having these expectations.

Tolani Baj’s candid statement has sparked discussions and debates on social media, with some expressing support for her perspective, while others offer alternative viewpoints. As a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, her comments have drawn attention from fans and critics alike.

While Tolani Baj remains firm in her stance on romantic relationships, it remains to be seen how her preferences will shape her future endeavors in both her personal and professional life.

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