‘He Was Alive When He Came To The Hospital’ – Eyewitness Reveals New Details In Mohbad’s Tragic Death

Eyewitness Account Challenges Official Narrative, Sparking Controversy Over Mohbad's Tragic Passing

In a shocking development, an eyewitness has come forward with a startling account of the events that transpired when the late Mohbad was brought to the hospital.

'He Was Alive When He Came To The Hospital' - Eyewitness Reveals New Details In Mohbad's Tragic Death

The eyewitness, who wishes to remain anonymous, has provided a voice note detailing his perspective on the tragic day.

According to the eyewitness, Mohbad, the renowned artist, was very much alive when he arrived at the hospital, challenging the existing narrative of his demise. The witness claims to have been in the reception area of the medical facility when Mohbad, accompanied by his friends, entered the premises.

Despite his apparent illness, Mohbad remained humble when approached by the eyewitness, who eagerly requested a photograph with the artist.

In a surprising turn of events, Mohbad agreed to the photo request, posing for a picture before disappearing into one of the hospital rooms. Approximately 30 minutes later, the witness noticed a sudden flurry of activity among the medical staff and nurses in the room where Mohbad had been admitted.

The eyewitness recounted that nurses informed him of Mohbad’s confirmed death. What raised suspicions was the immediate removal of Mohbad’s seemingly lifeless body from the hospital by his friends, leaving many bewildered. Of particular note was the fact that Mohbad was shirtless during this departure.

The eyewitness also raised a poignant question: Why did Mohbad’s friends hastily exit the hospital without giving medical staff the opportunity to attempt life-saving measures? The rapid departure of the artist’s companions has left the public searching for answers and perplexed by the circumstances surrounding his tragic passing.

It is essential to note that this account is based solely on the perspective of a single eyewitness, and its accuracy cannot be independently verified at this time. The mystery shrouding Mohbad’s death continues to perplex and raise questions within the community.

For the full audio recording of the eyewitness’s account, listen below:

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