I Once Begged Rema To Show My Music Video To Don Jazzy For N1m – Khaid

Khaid's Unforgettable Journey: From Begging Rema for a Chance to Stardom to Finding Success with Neville Records

In a revealing episode of the Zero Conditions podcast, sensational singer Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon, popularly known as Khaid, has shared a heartwarming but desperate tale from his early days as a struggling artist.

I Once Begged Rema To Show My Music Video To Don Jazzy For N1m - Khaid

Khaid, who is currently signed to comedian Sydney Talker’s Neville Records, recounted how he made a fervent plea to his fellow artist Rema to assist him in getting noticed by music mogul Don Jazzy and Mavin Records.

Khaid’s determination to make it in the music industry led him to take an extraordinary step. He reached out to Rema via Instagram’s direct messaging platform, where he shared a freestyle video and an earnest request. He implored Rema to help him showcase his talent to Don Jazzy, offering an astonishing proposition in the process.

Speaking on the podcast, Khaid revealed, “Rema if you are seeing this, please take heart. I actually went to Rema’s [Instagram] DM one day with my old account and sent my freestyle video to him. I said, ‘Bro, I know that you trap like me. Please, help me show this video to Don Jazzy.

“Let him sign me so that we will be in the same record label.’ He didn’t see the message. At that time, I was texting him with all emotions in me, bro. I was texting him with prayers. I was willing to give him my first 1 million.”

This glimpse into Khaid’s past illustrates the lengths to which aspiring artists are willing to go to chase their dreams and secure a coveted spot in the music industry.

Khaid’s journey ultimately took a different turn, as he found success with Neville Records, but his story serves as a testament to the relentless pursuit of one’s passion in the face of adversity.

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