Netflix Gives The Green Light For ‘Extraction’ Sequel

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Extraction is getting a second part, thanks to the amazing streaming numbers, as it is well on track to have the biggest movie premiere on .

A scene from EXTRACTION
A scene from EXTRACTION

Produced by (one of the brothers behind Avengers: Endgame) and starring Marvel‘s very own , it was the directorial debut of and turned out to please action fans.

Hemsworth played Tyler Rake, a mercenary whose mission to rescue the son of a crime lord becomes a road to redemption.

According to a new report, Netflix has closed a deal with writer/producer Joe Russo to write the script for the sequel.

Joe Russo
Joe Russo

Russo has stated that he is optimistic that director Hargrave and star Hemsworth will return for the second part.

In a chat with Deadline, Russo said:

The deal is closed for me to write Extraction 2, and we are in the formative stages of what the story can be.

We are not committing yet to whether that story goes forward or backward in time. We left a big loose ending that leaves question marks for the audience.”

Director Sam Hargrave and Chris Hemsworth
Director Sam Hargrave and Chris Hemsworth

Whichever way the story goes, as long as the efficient Tyler Rake returns, we are down for it!

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