Trump Impeached But Still In Power – Here Is Why

Although, Trump is impeached but he still remains the President for some constitutional reasons
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Donald Trump is impeached but he is still the President
is impeached but he is still the President

It is no longer news that Donald Trump has been impeached as the President of the

Although, Trump has been impeached as US President but he is still in power for some constitutional reasons which can be explained.

What the Consitution Says about Trump’s Impeachment

A president who has been impeached by the House can still serve as president. It’s up to the Senate to hold a trial to decide whether to remove him from office. The two other presidents impeached by the House, Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson, were both acquitted by the Senate.

The Constitution only says that the Senate has to hold a trial, with the senators sitting as jurors, House lawmakers serving as prosecutors known as managers, and the chief justice of the United States presiding over it. Senators must take a public vote, and two-thirds of those present must agree on whether to convict the president and thus remove him from office. But the Constitution doesn’t lay out exactly how to hold a trial.

Reasons why Trump was impeached

How and why Trump was impeached
How and why Trump was impeached
The House exercised its constitutional right to charge Trump with high crimes and misdemeanours through votes on two articles of impeachment that will be familiar, at this point, to most Americans and now headed for the history books:
  • Abuse of power for his effort to withhold taxpayer money from Ukraine and get that country to investigate his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden;
  • Obstruction of Congress for his refusal to cooperate with the oversight investigation.
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