‘Colonial Fibroid’: A Cross Examination Of COVID-19 And The Conspiracy Theories

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From time immemorial, humanity has had to claim the planet earth at different stages or even fight to own it. There are natural forces of the globe that are at logger heads with human safety, several dangerous emissions which are byproducts of our innovations. We have always struggled to fully own the earth.

'Colonial Fibroid': A Cross Examination Of COVID-19 And The Conspiracy Theories

‘Colonial Fibroid’: A Cross Examination Of COVID-19 And The Conspiracy Theories

Similarly, the world’s powerbase has always shifted. It has never been static. Greece was once the world ruler, but sooner than later, Rome overthrew. On and on up until recent times, when the of America was described openly and silently as the world ruler. Maybe today the world is at the final phase of sitting another world power because China seems to have fully awaken out of her sleep.


What other way is there to better define the benign fibrous tissue in the belly of humanity at this point? Corona Virus is a family brand of several viruses that have been discovered in our laboratories overtime. The Covid-19 being the most recently discovered is so unprecedented and too profound to be easily tamed by biologists world over.

The virus which has defied many experiments is also able to survive (for whatever life span) in the atmosphere expecting the next victim to inhale and thereafter exhale their life if not quickly and properly treated. In other cases, they find their way into the body through openings such as the nose, eyes, mouth or the skin pores.

On being a ‘colonial virus’, the COVID-19, broke out first in Wuhan city, Hubei Province, China, other than the land of the black man. Maybe the world now would see that “black” is not the symbol for weakness nor poverty, but that all men are like butterflies in the hands of the wanton boys, alike.

The World Health says COVID-19, “a pneumonia of unknown cause detected in Wuhan, China was first reported to the WHO Country Office in China on 31 December, 2019”. On 30th January, 2020 it was declared a Public Health Emergency of international concern. There and then, calls have been out to the world for support to contain the virus and prevent widespread especially in weaker states, especially those whose Healthcare cannot successfully see to safe pregnancy delivery and typhoid fever.

Since the virus, surfaced, top nations have been in the News interrogating the origin and the intent of its spread. Most heard is that this Colonial Fibroid eating the world is a Chinese virus. Many suggest that a Wuhan Laboratory leaked it to the world as a bionuclear weapon. Others say it is just a coincidence that the laboratory is located around Wuhan city.

It is noteworthy to mention that the UK, even though has been as modest as possible, referred to the virus as a Chinese virus that leaked accidentally. Whatever the origin myth and or fact is, the corona virus is a world pandemic. Nations of the world have been badly hit Irrespective of their longitudinal and latitudinal placement. Europe is not exempted, even to Africa, where it was earlier said that the weather does not allow “corona growth”. With time, the virus is ravaging the African continent.

Even Nigeria continues to record new cases even though her President is accused of not speaking early on what has been described a world pandemic. Several government officials who spoke early were supposedly accused of not being able to pronounce the name of the virus correctly.


Drawing from empirical investigations, the corona virus pandemic is a public health pandemic and more so an economic pandemic. The first is the heath annihilation the world faces from the breakout of COVID-19. The death toll keeps rising by the day.

'Colonial Fibroid': A Cross Examination Of COVID-19 And The Conspiracy Theories

‘Colonial Fibroid’: A Cross Examination Of COVID-19 And The Conspiracy Theories

More than the persons dying, economies of the world are crashing into dust. The global market is at a time of keen crisis tearing economies apart leading to loss of means of livelihood. Nations of the world are at a time of (need for) survival. Policy makers are looking for policies geared at containing the pandemic. No one economy is considering improvement except for the Chinese nation that didn’t suffer ‘serious blows’.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization explains that “Global value chains (GVCs) have already come under pressure as a viable for the organization of international production since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in China, and even more so since the virus turned into a global pandemic. Some analysts expect a major reshuffling of the global production network as a result of the pandemic, which was already triggered by the US-China trade war (CNBC, 2020)”.

All parts of the production and consumption chain is affected. Demands have reduced drastically for fear of continuous ravaging of the world by the pandemic. People only demand for necessities such as food and health materials. Spendings are channeled towards eating and living as movement round the world is on hold. Countries of the world have have declared massive lockdown as a measure to check widespread infection.

When movement is restricted, commerce is hindered especially in the developing countries where people have to interact to carry out commercial activities.

Unemployment is on the rise, federal reserves are downsizing. IMF warns that the economic downturn is expected to be worst recession since the Great Depression.



Globalization has eliminated distance and time. Therefore, distance is necessarily insignificant in the new globe. Interactions occur over continents in real-time. Part of this is the advancement from 2G to 3G, 4G.
In a layman’s explanation, improvement of the Internet connection is more like enlarging routes of passage to allow more movements at faster speed since “route engagement” means faster arrival at the destination.

Today, the world has left the age of slow Internet to larger bandwidths where heavy communication can occur with all the ease. Take for instance, the advent of 3G network improved social media connection such that users can chat in real-time. You send a message, it gets to the recipient almost immediately. This is because the world has moved from the 2G network to the third generation network (3G network).

What now is the 5G network?
Consider the 5G network as a massive mobile network developed to bring man and machines together in real time. It is built to allow for large transmission rate and able to penetrate through barriers more and faster than the earlier generation networks.

The 5G network is a short wave length but faster and stronger, hence the need for repeaters. The repeater is an electromagnetic device that amplifies signal before transmitting. So here, we are talking of devices that would be clipped to high-rise building hence there is no necessary need for the installation of masts. This deconstructs the earlier conspiracies of masts being built to release Corona Virus into the ecosystem.

We will rightly describe the 5G network as a move from single roads into a system of about eight lanes and more. Qualcomm says “5G wireless technology is meant to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to more users. Higher performance and improved efficiency empower new user experiences and connects new industries”.

The distance has not become shorter but more cars (data) can move at a time and move faster without having to wait for each other.

Even though it would be unscientific to assert that the 5G network iswill be wion hazard on human health, it should be noted that the human is exposed to more radiations at home than the 5G network emits. Ordinarily, microwave oven emits enough radioactive waves and it has not left the kitchen. When the brain is at work, it emits radioactive waves. What about the ultraviolet rays from sunlight?

As strong as the 5G network is, it cannot penetrate into the human body. What about the X-ray? As much as the X-ray procedure emits much radiations, it is still in use in the health care system. Radiation from the 5G network emits non ionizing radiations.


Speaking more on the conspiracy theory lately overshadowing science in most places is the brouhaha. Bill Gate has proven to be a visionary and he has largely been entangled in the web of these conspiracies as a result of his ‘vision’. Simply put, Bill Gate is being ‘dragged’ for preparing the world for an Infectious pandemic.

Bill Gate has consistently warned about a lack of preparation to deal with infectious disease threats that could lead to a pandemic. Based on this, some social media users across the world have been accusing Gates of starting the severe acute respiratory syndrome–coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2) pandemic.

This is after Gates, the billionaire Microsoft co-founder turned philanthropist, has spent much of the second act of his career initiating and supporting efforts to prevent and control infectious diseases via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has funded some of our PHICOR team’s computer modeling research efforts to improve product distribution and disease control.

This is after Gates has on multiple occasions pushed for more awareness about the possibility of a pandemic and more efforts to prevent this possibility.

As a Bruce.Y. Lee puts it in a column on Forbes, blaming Bill Gates for COVID-19 is the same as blaming someone for causing a heart attack after they have warned you for years about such a possibility.


'Colonial Fibroid': A Cross Examination Of COVID-19 And The Conspiracy Theories
‘Colonial Fibroid’: A Cross Examination Of COVID-19 And The Conspiracy Theories

All novel technologies bring more good but also come bearing it’s own disadvantages. The first in this case will be the consumption of more data. Since the network will be fast, data consumption also will be much. A user who consumes 3 gigabytes of data in a week would have moved up to consuming more because now he has more to use.

The Wall Street as well will witness more developments that will lead to less employment. It will be the real age of driverless cars and improved Artificial Intelligence. All of these will lead to more machines in the economy run by less people. New devices will come with the latest network capacity, hence the need for people to purchase new devices.

In conclusion, you should worry about keeping your job in a world of machine automations. An economy that will see to it that the more remote you remain, the less you have to gain and those who will remain afloat will consume more data.

Written by: Adekunle David and Adelowo Adegboyega

Adekunle David is a gentle man of the pen who finds solace in dutiful content creation. At the moment owns a B. A Degree (Literature – in-English), Obafemi Awolowo University among other certifications.

Adelowo Adegboyega
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