The Tribal War And Hates Among Us Is Not Benefiting

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In life everything seems related, you need the services of others to make your work and progressing, no one is perfect on his or her own single accord

We need the goodwill of others to function progressively, A doctor needs other professional and tools to function, a sports fanatic, need sportsmen or women to entertain him

The Politicians needs the voters of the masses to win and remain in power, everything in life is related, so why the pride and hates among us, is better to be humble and experience the best of life

Your millions is another man’s cent or kobo, your cent or kobo is another man’s billions, such is life

Understanding how everything is interrelated around us will interest you if only you comprehend.

You cant mention an economy without politics, or politics without health, or education without human development, you cant mentioned a developed country with the Human resource and mental development of the citizens

This is one area Nigeria as a Country has failed her citizens, the education, health, and human’s right – everything seems relatively failed in this part of the world called Nigeria

It’s insane that in 2020, you are still fighting tribal wars, in this internet era, fighting to keep the political looters in power, is just insane when you failed to understand that the suffering in Nigeria is interrelated

The north is suffering, the south, the west, and east are all suffering, only but a few in power, the corrupt politicians are the ones enjoying the Law of Nigeria, interrelated to benefits only them the people in Government

Is just insane… how the Government people fast came together with their hired thugs game plan and successfully distort the peaceful protests. using the same poor masses to cause chocs with the peaceful protests

This is to show you how interrelated these politicians are at the detriment of the poor masses have chosen to hate themselves, the hate and tribal wars among us are just but insane, we the Nigeria masses are on the losing part, while the politicians strive on our hates and tribal wars system

Samuel Nelson
OduNews on Google News

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